About The Academy

The Academy is an endeavor to provide state of the art sports coaching in an international level sports infrastructure set up. The backbone of the Academy will be qualified an experienced coaching professionals, under whose tutelage the champions of tomorrow will be groomed.

Launch of Sports academy for Cricket and other sports discipline will be announced soon by Dehradun Arena.

Academy for children

The Academy grass root level programmes are scientifically designed to help train and mould your child into a wholesome and successful sportsman. Along with the world-class facilities offered, our linear series of training programme levels enable children to improve their skills by folds as they progress across multiple levels including Introduction, Development, Intermediate, Emerging, Advanced and Professional.


To ensure a full-bodied experience to the patrons and guests of the Doon Sports Club,, the club has a defined Lifestyle and Entertainment precinct that caters to its exclusive members.

Swimming Pool